What is Saltbox?

Saltbox is a new and convenient way to store your items. We are a full-service storage company that comes to you. We pick up, store, and return your items on demand. At your request, we will send a storage team to pick up your item(s) and bring it to our warehouse for storage for one monthly fee. Store what you want for as long as you want. When you need an item(s) from storage, our storage team delivers that item(s) to your requested location at a time chosen by you.

How does our service work?

1. You reserve your space and order your storage supplies online or by calling us at 902-444-4427. 
2. On storage day, our professional movers will inventory all items ready for storage. Then your items will be transported to our secure and climate controlled warehouse.
3. Your item(s) will be professionally packed in a storage vault, with and inventory list attached to your customer profile.
4. When you require that an item(s) be returned to you, log in and choose the required item(s) and choose a date. We will be happy to deliver the item(s) on that date..

It’s that easy with Saltbox, all for one monthly fee!

Single Item Storage

Free pick up, one monthly fee.

The under plan - under 50lbs, under 6 feet.
The over plan - over 50 lbs, below 200lbs, under 6 feet.

Ideal for clearing your space of seasonal items and boxes. For those items that just don't have the right place in your home.

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25 Sq Ft Vaults

Free pick up, free drop off, one monthly fee.

What fits in 25 sq ft?
It's perfect for small items that can't seem to find a place at home. Designed for small furniture and seasonal items that require easy retrieval. It's a good fit for condo/apartment living, for students, or for homes needing that extra space. For commercial use, this size would be perfect for file and record storage.

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49 Sq Ft Vaults

Free pick up, free drop off, one monthly fee.

What fits in 50 sq feet?
The contents of a bachelor or junior 1 bedroom apartment fit in this popular option. It's an ideal solution for a temporary move, home staging, renovations and de-cluttering. This unit will accommodate a sofa, chair, dressers, beds and boxes. For commercial use, this option is ideal for merchandise distribution.

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  • COST

More cost effective than conventional storage. With an up front cost from Saltbox, you are able to budget. You only pay for the space that you need.
Our relaxed storage system is designed with ease in mind, all you have to do is pick a date and we take it from there. We supply moving materials, arrange professional movers, store your belongings and offer fast returns. Our inventory system is particularly convenient for managing your off-site items.
Saltbox operates with many years of experience in the moving and storage industry. White glove service is our specialty. Our team possesses the knowledge and experience to handle your belongings.
Saltbox’s industry leading warehouse has state of the art security. With 24 hr a day CCTV monitoring stations. Your belongings are placed in a sealed personal vault. Only Saltbox authorized personnel have access to these locations. Climate controlled environment ensures the safety of your belongings. Each storage receptacle is sealed with our security tape for that added peace of mind. All furniture is professionally protected for safe storage

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