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QWhat area does Saltbox cover?
AOur regular route includes all major centers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Some areas will have a longer pick up and return time. Extra travel charges may apply for out of area locations, please call for more information.
QWhat am I allowed to store?
AYou're allowed to store almost anything that is not hazardous or illegal.
QDoes Saltbox pack for me?
ANo, we don't pack boxes for you. Our employees will only move boxes that have been sealed shut. To make things faster we ask that you have all of your items are packed and ready. We allow one hour of loading time, with an additional price of $40 per person per hour.
QHow should I pack?
APlease pack everything in to strong sturdy boxes. Anything fragile should be properly protected and marked clearly. Pack your similar items together (winter boots and seasonal items). This will allow for simple inventory management. We recommend that each box be labeled with a number or a name. We will reference this label in our inventory system.
QDoes Saltbox supply boxes or do I have to get my own?
AYou can use your boxes or purchase supplies from us. 
QHow does Saltbox insure the security of my items?
AWe have performed all necessary background checks to ensure bondable personnel. Upon pickup of your items, our professional staff will place security tape on all boxed items for that added peace of mind. All other items will be professionally protected for storage. At Saltbox, only authorized personnel are allowed in our warehouses.  All warehouses are climate controlled and secure with 24 hour monitoring stations. Through a third party, we offer full liability insurance.
QHow soon can I have my items back?
AOur goal is to return your items within 48 hours of your request. However in peak times this may take a little longer. All return requests must be made by 10am to have your items returned within the following 2 business days. Next day returns cost an additional $45.
QHow far in advance can I book a storage space?
AWhenever you like, we will there at our next available appointment.
QCan I store my items for less then 3 months?
AYes we do offer shorter term storage. Our minimum storage length is 30 days. Please feel free to contact us for special pricing.
QHow do I pay each month?
AOnce you have an account set up you will pay online through our Paypal account. You can choose debit or credit card to pay and you don't need to have a Paypal account to pay.
QWill I be charged if I missed my pickup/drop off scheduled time?
AIf you need to change your scheduled pick up or delivery time please give us 24 hours notice so we have plenty of time to reschedule you. If our pick up or delivery team makes it to your residence and you are not there we will add a $10 fee to your total.
QHow do I cancel my storage?
AYou can have your items back at anytime. We require 30 days notice to cancel your plan within a 3 month commitment. We do not pro rate or offer discounts to cancel early.
QHow do I update my billing information?
AYou can update your profile straight from our website. Or you can call our offices and one of our employees can help you.
QWhat if I miss a payment?
AWe understand that people forget things so we allow a 5 day grace period for late payment without a fee. If on the 6th business day you still have not paid you will be issued a $15 late fee. We will not accept partial payment on overdue bills.
QIs there an administrative fee for switching storage plans?
ANo, we do not charge administrative fees. You are free to switch between plans, we will update your plan accordingly.
QWhen do you start charging me for monthly storage?
AWe start charging you as soon as your items arrive at our warehouse. Then you will be charged in monthly increments. ie ( if we picked your items up on the 18th of the month your bill date will be the 18th of every month.)
QAre my items stored in a secure warehouse?
AYes, our warehouse is only accessible by our employees. We take proper screening steps to choose the right employees. Your items will be placed in sealed wooden crates backed by the latest security systems. Our warehouse is also climate controlled for that peace of mind.
QWhere is the Saltbox warehouse?
ANova Scotia  warehouse is located in the Burnside Industrial Park. New Brunswick is located in Moncton, same warehouse houses PEI contents. 
QCan I come to the warehouse to access my things?
ANo, for security reasons only Saltbox employees are allowed to enter our warehouse. We are a full service storage facility, we do all the work for you. The convenience of fast pick up and returns, we eliminate the need to ever visit a warehouse. Please call us if you need some or all of your items back in under 48 hours.
QHow do I know my Credit Card information is secure?
AAll of your transactions are done through a secure payment processing portal. We do not store credit card information.
QIs having storage insurance necessary?
A We highly recommend carrying insurance on all stored goods. Insurance can be purchased through any company that sells tenant or home owner insurance. Often this type of insurance already covers any goods in storage.

Hopefully your question was answered above. If not please feel free to call or email us. 

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